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A team of fierce, noble, and brave fighters, who in Luna's command, protect the world from destruction. With their world frozen in motion, with not a blow of the wind or a rise of the sun, the team's main priority is to find a way to bring the world they once knew, back. A tragic accident occurred years ago in their world, which caused the planet's paralysis, a great battle and the loss of many innocent lives and genocide of the human race. Ever since, Luna has felt responsible for what happened, and has been pushing herself to find a solution for the paralysis of her planet, and to stop the war, once and for all.

This team will not rest until the war is won, evil is defeated and their home is restored! Along the way, whilst travelling through a time portal in pursuit of Venom, an accident occurs, sending Luna into Sonic's timeline, where she encounters him and the others for the first time. With no other idea of how to return, she decides to steal the chaos emeralds so she can create a portal back to her time. However Sonic and the others are reported that the emeralds are being stolen, and try to track her down. Although the humans are unclear of her identity Luna quickly becomes a wanted outlaw, which then brings Team Chaotix, and G.U.N involved, and all the more trouble for Luna as creatures from her world begin to pass through the void into Sonic's world.

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